February 7th

So for my 30th birthday that was a week ago I got a ukulele. It is on my bucket list to learn to play it.

So far I have almost figured out how to play I’m Your’s by Jason Maraz the strumming needs some work. And I have just started to learn You Are My Sunshine.

I’m quite excited how fun and simple learning it is for me. Sure I know it will get harder but so far it’s been easy and a lot of fun.

Funny story. So yesterday I logged almost 8,000 steps with my Fitbit. But in my mind I know that there was no way I could have logged that many steps.

Here while playing the ukulele yesterday the Fitbit was counting the strumming motions as steps….ya so now I have to be sure to take off the Fitbit when playing.

Today however I managed to log nearly 8,000 real steps. I feel quite proud of how I did today. Tomorrow I’m going for two days in a row.

Here’s to the end of Wednesday and looking forward to tomorrow.



Low Pressure Anyone?

February 6th

Headaches are a part of life. Having hypothyroidism I get headaches when I miss a pill or if my levels are off.

I get sinus headaches. Actually dealing with a lot of those as of late. Hopefully my visit with an ENT next week will solve a lot of problems for me.

Hematology patients can suffer from headaches from low counts or from medications.

Then you throw in Pressure headaches. This past fall I was put on a steroid for GVHD. Those who have been on steroids before know how easily it is to gain weight while on them.

Well my weight shifted so much and so quickly my spinal pressure jumped really high. Causing high pressure headaches. In turn I have had two spinal tap prior to Thanksgiving.

Now with my pressure returning to normal levels while being on medication I am now dealing with low pressure headaches. And as better as they are medically for me to have they are the worst to deal with.

Low pressure headaches can basically come on without warning especially when up and moving around. They will go away just as quickly as they came, but while they are present they are very much debilitating. My head pounds. I get bad pain in the back of my head down to the base of my neck. I have loud thudding in my ears. I can get very dizzy and lightheaded to the point where I need to grab on to something to stabilize my self.

Once I am sitting they go away. When they are really bad throughout the day I will tend to veg on the couch or in bed because it is hard to function doing day to day things.

Today or well this evening had been one of those days. Thankfully I was able to sit down right away when a really bad one came on tonight.

Hypertension headaches are common for those dealing with issues while being on steroids long term. Which is pretty much all cancer patients. I hope no one who does have issues medically ever has to deal with them.

200 days ago or close to it we had my benefit. Here is a picture of me on that day.

As you can see I already have a nice head of peach fuzz growing.

Fast forward 200ish days and you get this.

I apologise for my swollen face. I’m not happy with it either. But notice the nice head of hair that I have….and it’s coming in curly.

I hope your Tuesday was great. I am going to go watch The Curse Of Oak Island now. If you don’t know what that is you are truly missing out.



Immuno Suppressants

February 5th

When a person has a transplant of any kind they are put on anti rejection drugs

For me these were immuno suppressants. I was originally on two different types. In July I believe I was taken off one altogether.

Over the past several months I have been slowly coming off of Tacro which is my current immuno suppressant. As of last week I am completely off of tacro and will slowly regain my immune system to it’s fullest.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the fact I can now sit in a hot tub again. Because of the hot temperature of the water I was not allowed to sit in a hot tub while on immuno suppressants.

So I look forward to lounging in a hot tub with maybe a wine slushy.

One awesome thing that happened the other day as well is I got to feel my nephew kick and roll over. And what’s cool is that aside from my sister I am the only one to have felt him move and kick. So I already know I will be his favorite auntie.

I am looking for people to help keep me on track an motivated throughout the day. If you would like to help me out please let me know.

Have a fabulous Monday night all!



The Struggle

February 3rd

It has been some time since I blogged. There is a reason for it. It’s hard for me to address it to everyone but I feel it may help me in the long run.

There are days among the good that are truly good but emotionally and mentally they are tiring and a true struggle.

Lately I have been struggling with my face swelling. I know it may be silly but it truly bothers me. It has been going on since Christmas and yet I have no reason as to why or a resolution to fix it.

My face and neck being swollen causes me great turmoil. It’s hard to explain. I find it kind of funny for a year ago I was bald and struggled to get past the mental and emotional barriers that came along with it. Now I have this. And I feel this is even harder to deal with.

I don’t feel like me nor do I feel pretty with such a swollen face. I know it’s absurd. But it’s that little bug in my head causing the turmoil within me.

With dealing with this I have taken a break from making a better me and I hate that. Now I am trying to figure out how to get back on track.

I don’t want this to control and consume me. It’s not fair to me.

I was at the doctor this past week. All of my counts are still good. My liver and kidney functions are all still good. I had a CT of my lungs to see if the lesions are gone from the days of my transplant. Thankfully they are gone and I got to be taken off a medication. I also was taken completely off my immuno suppressants which is huge.

Tribe fest was fun

Today I got to feel my nephew kick which was pretty neat.

I don’t have much else to say. I am trying my best to work through what I have going on. Even if it is silly.

Have a great weekend.




January 19th

In our house when one makes eggs of any kind one must make eggs for the dogs.

I’m being completely serious. They love eggs. The dogs know the sound of cracking eggs. They know the smell of eggs cooking.

And it has gotten to the point where Dexter will stand in front of the fridge and whine for them.

They love their scrambled eggs. And don’t worry cooked eggs are actually good for dogs.

Yes I realize I spoil them. So while on my knew eating routine of eating an egg for breakfast I must make them some. Thus we go through eggs pretty quick in our house.

So my photo of the day is actually two photos. And you guessed it. It’s eggs!

I today did some errands for my mom. Gotta love the freedom of driving.

I had some me time while out and about. Ate some Panera. Gotta stay with those healthy choices!

Oh and if you are from the Lima area….just so you know the left turning lane on Allentown to Cable is not a turning lane for Kewpee. Seriously someone about hit me and another about hit the car in front of me.

We made homemade beef stew. Which was AMAZING!

Then this evening I listened to my dad complain about not being able to indent paragraphs on his blog. And my mom trying to explain that it’s been that way for a long time.

I wish I had video of it. It was very entertaining.

Now I’m just preparing for Tribe Fest….WHICH IS TOMORROW!!!!!

No I’m not the least bit excited. Not at all.

Okay that’s all I have for today. Yes I know this is posting Saturday morning. Silly me didn’t publish it….



Drink Up

January 18th

Did you know that when we don’t properly keep our bodies hydrated that our body will retain water? Think of our bodies like it’s a camel 🐫. Those humps store water for their bodies because they know they will not be getting a drink anytime soon. 

Our bodies are the same. If your body isn’t getting enough water it will start stocking up. And when we stock up and retain water we end up with extra water weight.

Now when we properly stay hydrated our bodies will unload all this retained water because it knows it will be hydrated like it is supposed to. So in turn you lose all that water weight. 

AND when drinking enough water it will flush out a lot of toxins and junk out of your body and over all you will be healthier.

How much water should you be drinking? Well after much reading and doing Advocare and more reading. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 120 pounds you should be drinking 60 ounces of water a day. 

Me? Well currently I am drinking 120 oz of water. Yes you read that correctly. 120 oz. I’m not going to hide my weight. You all can do the math. But know this. I will be drinking just 60 oz at some point in the next 18 months. That’s my goal.

So are you drinking enough water? My photo of the day is you guessed it….a glass of water!

Today I did something new. I did yoga. Yes yoga. Now I’m not one with great strength, balance, or flexibility. I never really had that prior to being sick. BUT I did try my best this morning with a beginners yoga.

I discovered something while doing a few poses though. I used the phrase of:


And well I didn’t like that I used such a phrase. So I changed the way I looked at the situation and how to verbalize what I truly needed to say. I went from I Can’t to saying:


See what I did there? Saying I Can’t sounds so permanent. Binding. That it will never change. That I will never be able to do those poses. 

By changing my thinking and how I say things to myself I changed what was set in stone to something that will grow and change with me as I do. I changed a negative into a positive. 

So I as all of you tonight. What limits are you setting yourself to by saying I Can’t? Are you stopping yourself from growing and moving forward? We have goals for ourselves. Dreams. But are we telling ourselves that it isn’t going to happen with that small phrase? Something to think about huh?

I will leave you all with that for tonight. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 



Alone At Last

January 17th

Today my brother Matt came home shortly to pick up his dog Finn. We have been dog sitting for him for the past week.

Dexter who was my brother’s now mine loves when Finn is around. They are besties like I have shared in a previous blog post.

But all good things must come to an end right? Although Dex seemed bored today after his playmate left tonight he seems happy to have his space on the bed and me all to himself. 

He has been sharing his sleeping area on my bed with Finn for the past week. As well as my attention. He is currently all sprawled out and snoozing away. He is such a bed hog. 

So my photo of the day is of Dexter giving me a look.

Isn’t he adorable?

Today I woke up sore again from my fall. With stiff muscles and body aches. So I rolled out my yoga mat that I just got and did some stretching. And boy did it help. I was still a bit sore throughout the day but I did notice a considerable amount of difference with the stretching. I even did it a second time a few hours later.

So I will be adding some stretching and a few yoga poses into my morning routine.

I did some laundry and light cleaning along side my mom and helped make dinner. We hat meatloaf and potatoes. And I know this is a bit biased but my mom’s meatloaf is the best there is.

I watched the replay of Oak Island and Hunting Hitler with my dad this afternoon since he wasn’t home last night to watch either. 

I unFinned my bed….meaning I washed all of my sheets and blankets again. That dog sheds like crazy.

Overall I had a pretty good day. I hope your Wednesday was good. We are in the home stretch for the weekend now. And I for one cannot wait until Saturday. TRIBE FEST!!!!



A Charmed Life

January 16th

A few years ago I was in Frankenmuth with my sister Jessica. While there we ventured into a store called Bead Haven. This place was awesome! I was able to create a charm bracelet for under $15. 

Now years later I am still adding charms to that bracelet. All the charms that I mentioned in a previous blog have come in and have now made it onto my charm bracelet. 

My bracelet is so full I have had to start doubling charms up on one chain. My mom thinks I need a new chain for my bracelet. She’s probably right. The silver coating has almost worn off on it.

My charm bracelet consist of:

  • A Minnie Mouse Charm 
  • A cross that once was a necklace I got from a retreat
  • A Leukemia Survivor Charm
  • A Heart that says Auntie
  • A small cross
  • Medical Alert
  • A painters pallette 
  • The Arc De Triomphe of Paris
  • An Ohio State Buckeyes Charm
  • I ❤️ My Dog
  • Cleveland Block C
  • Hawaiian Flower
  • Blessed
  • I ❤️ My Cat
  • Be Positive
  • A Camera
  • Chief Wahoo
  • Travelers Suitcase 
  • An Elephant
  • A charm that says Wish
  • Warrior

Yes I know that’s a lot of charms and I wouldn’t mind adding more if I could. 

So my photo of the day is my charm bracelet.

Today I woke up hurting because of my fall from yesterday. I had a headache and my face was even more swollen than it has been in the past few weeks.

I called the hematology clinic to let them know about my nose bleeds and the face swelling getting worse and they decided to refer me to call my eye doctor that has been treating me for the high spinal pressure. They were thinking it was more eye related.

So I call my eye doctor. Well she believes what I am dealing with has nothing to do with my meds she has me on or what I’m being treated for by her so she referred me back to my hematology team. 

Conclusion? Take over the counter sinus meds to see if that helps. Now yes I am happy that I don’t have to make an unexpected trip to Columbus to see them, but I thought they would be a bit more concerned about the swelling than they are.

But beggers can’t be choosers right? 

I also went to the chiropractor today. When I woke up this morning everything hurt. And sure enough my hip was out, a few ribs out, and my neck was completely messed up. Note to self….no more falling.

Tonight I was able to attend  Singo! Yes you read that right. Singo is like Bingo but with music. A local bar had it going on tonight and I met a friend up there for a few hours to get out of the house. It was fun. And I didn’t win a darn thing. 

I also learned today that one of our dogs Doug had a torn ACL. We aren’t sure how we are going about treating it or fixing it yet. 

Well that’s pretty much all I have for you all tonight. I hope your Tuesday was a good one. Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!!! So make it a good day ya?



Meal Prep

January 15th

Tomorrow I start my Advocare One/80 Challenge. This takes a lot of preparing if you want to succeed. Today my dad and I went to the grocery store. While there I got food for my next 10 days or so. 

Planning out my breakfast and lunch is key. And Dinner will be handled as best as possible by cooking and not eating out. 

While at the store I discovered they didn’t have the precooked grilled chicken strips that I like to use for lunch wraps. So I just bought some chicken and grilled it myself.

So that is what my photo of the day is for today. Well two photos really.

Doesn’t the chicke look good? I freezed half of it and the other half is in the fridge ready for lunch all week.

Today it snowed quite a lot. Got a good 4 or 5 inches I would say. Now it’s supposed to get really cold again. Is it spring yet? Have I mentioned how I’m not a winter fan?

Today as well I attempted to help my dad carry a chair into the house. While doing so I lost my grip of the chair and then proceeded to lose my balance and fell backwards. In the fall I did manage to hit my head slightly. I felt fine no worse for wear. 

Well hours later I started to develop a headache and had some light-headedness. After a call to my care team I was advised to go to the local ER for a head CT.

Thankfully my CT came back clean and I was just told to take it easy for the next few days.

I sure scared the crap out of my mom though. SORRY MOM!

I don’t have much else to report tonight. I hope your Monday was Spectacular! Remember to make your day count. You don’t get a repeat of today. This isn’t a movie. This is real life.



Step It Up!

January 14th

Recovering from a bone marrow transplant even 9 months post is still not easy. Physically everything I do can be draining. Anything from light house work to taking a shower can cause me to be exhausted. Some days are harder than others.

But I must say I am getting stronger. I don’t tire as quickly as I use to. This past week I ordered myself a highly rated yoga mat and stair stepper through Amazon. 

I want to start doing some yoga and stretching to regain some flexibility and mobility in my joints. The stair stepper is just what it says it’s for. Stairs are very difficult for me to do. Probably one of the hardest things for me to do at this time. So the stepper is to help me regain those leg muscles to make going up and down the stairs much easier.

So my photo of the day is of my yoga mat and stepper.

I was working on making this blog post and had put my phone down for a while and guess what….I fell asleep! So this blog is going out a tad late tonight.

Today I had the house to myself. Well I had the dogs of course but aside from that the house was empty. My dad was working days today and my mom went with my sister to a birthing class in Columbus. 

I spent my day relaxing mostly, but did manage to do a bit of light cleaning to keep the house tidy. I also did a lot of walking around the house. I got 13,000 steps in! Not only am I preparing my body for Disney here in 7 weeks but also Tribe Fest for next weekend. 

What’s Tribe Fest you ask? Well it’s the most awesome thing EVER! It is a basically a huge meet and greet for my favorite baseball team the Cleveland Indians. I have count them 4 autograph sessions! That means I will basically get autographs from every player that will be there. I’m super excited. I painted a piece of art for the players to sign so I can frame it for my bedroom.

I made super for me an my dad. Cheesey Sausage Pasta. It was delish!

I think that’s all I have to share for today. I hope all of you had a good weekend. Remember to make your day count. Set yourself up for a great week tomorrow! No cases of The Mondays you hear?